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Adventures in a new dimension

X-CAPE is the Moto Morini styled Adventure: versatility, fun and comfort distilled in a futuristic, eye-catching look. 

The 19’’ front wheel and a large 50 mm diameter front adjustable fork guarantee a surprising road holding, making it just as suitable for mountain passes as off road dirt tracks.

Expand Your Horizons: X-CAPE

The true dual-purpose motorcycle for adventurous souls. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown with the Moto Morini X-CAPE. 

This versatile motorcycle effortlessly combines fun and comfort in a futuristic, eye-catching design. 

With a 19-inch front wheel and a 50mm adjustable front fork, the X-CAPE delivers astonishing road-holding capabilities, whether you’re conquering mountain passes or exploring off-road trails. 

The spacious saddle space, 7-inch TFT dash screen, and adjustable windscreen make it perfect for adventurous trips and navigating chaotic urban traffic. 

Are you ready to take on the X-CAPE?

Discover the Unknown

Experience the Unique Riding Style of the X-CAPE. Step into the world of adventure and discover a unique riding experience with the Moto Morini X-CAPE. 

This dual-purpose motorcycle is designed for riders who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you love fast rides on paved roads or exploring off-road trails, the X-CAPE offers a versatile riding style that allows you to explore new horizons. 

Feel the excitement and freedom as you take control of this adventurous companion. 

Powerful and Advanced: packed with innovotion

The X-CAPE is equipped with a reliable and powerful engine that effortlessly delivers performance on both the road and off-road. 

With advanced features such as a 7-inch TFT dash screen and an adjustable windscreen, you have access to all the necessary information for adventurous trips and navigating busy urban traffic. 

The X-CAPE offers an impressive riding experience with smooth power delivery and excellent control. Explore the many features that make the X-CAPE a distinctive motorcycle.


Ride in Freedom

Universal innovation with Italian design

The X-CAPE Draws Attention. With its futuristic and eye-catching design, the X-CAPE is a true head-turner on the road. 

Every detail is carefully designed to be both aesthetically appealing and functional. From the adjustable windscreen to the full LED headlights, each element contributes to the unique appearance of the X-CAPE. 

With its dynamic lines and rugged look, this motorcycle is a true expression of style and adventure.

Discover amazing liveries

cast Wheels
Available in:
red passion, smoky anthracite, carrara white
For £6.399,-
spoke Wheels
Available in:
red passion, smoky anthracite, carrara white
For £6.699,-



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