Introducing the SEIEMMEZZO, the epitome of urban sophistication and timeless design. This remarkable motorcycle from Moto Morini blends elegance with power, delivering an exhilarating riding experience like no other. 

With its sleek lines, captivating aesthetics, and exceptional performance, the SEIEMMEZZO is more than a motorcycle – it’s a statement of your individuality and passion for the open road. Get ready to embrace the city streets with confidence and style, as the SEIEMMEZZO redefines what it means to ride with sheer joy and unmatched style. 

Welcome to the world of pure riding bliss.

The SEIEMMEZZO, Your Trusted Companion.

The SEIEMMEZZO is more than just a motorcycle; it represents a true family within the world of Moto Morini. This versatile and fun motorcycle is suitable for both daily rides and day trips. 

It distinguishes itself with its simple and sleek riding style, characteristic of the Moto Morini brand. 

Whether you prefer the STR version as your favorite playmate or are fascinated by the unique design and personality of the SCR version, the SEIEMMEZZO is there to meet the needs of both motorcycle families.

Timeless and advanced

The SEIEMMEZZO perfectly reflects the motorcycle tradition of Moto Morini. 

This elegant motorcycle with incredible details brings your enthusiasm to life. It is the perfect combination of ideas, insights, and designs that offer excitement, style, and Italian elegance. 

The SEIEMMEZZO has a glamorous, eye-catching, and unique appearance. The balanced seat, attractive lines of the fuel tank, wide handlebars, elegance, and class, and the use of vintage accessories are all details designed to create the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

A true Italian Espresso

Discover the power in its 649-cc and the innovative solutions for the SEIEMMEZZO. The new SEIEMMEZZO finds the perfect combination to achieve its full potential. 

With the most innovative solutions in terms of connectivity with digital devices, the SEIEMMEZZO offers comfort and convenience in every situation. 

The SEIEMMEZZO combines advanced technology with Italian elegance to elevate your riding experience to the next level.



Where tradition meets innovation

The SEIEMMEZZO SCR grabs attention with its innovative and eye-catching design. Every line is carefully crafted to achieve a perfect balance between form and function. 

The sleek steel trellis frame, aluminum swingarm, and striking color combinations make this motorcycle a true work of art. With its timeless style and elegant appearance, the SEIEMMEZZO will captivate you.

Discover amazing liveries


Smoky Anthracite

For £5.999,-

Fire Red

For £5.999,-

Starlight White

For £5.999,-


Navy Green

For £6.399,-

Night Black

For £6.399,-

Seiemezzo up close

Raw urban meets freedom of style

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